Daido Moriyama: How I Take Photographs

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Daido Moriyama
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" />Take an inspiring walk with legendary photographer Daido Moriyama while he explains his groundbreaking approach to street photography. For over half a century, Moriyama has provided a distinct vision of Japan and its people. Here he offers a unique opportunity for fans to learn about his methods, the cameras he uses, and the journeys he takes with a camera.

The book was brand new and arrived absolutely perfect, no matter the travel, untouched (actually, better than the one seen in the real store). Daido Moriyama: How I Take Photographs is filled with glimpses of wisdom from the Japanese street photography forerunner, offering us rookie (and often much too prolific) iPhone-wielders a crash course in how to take snatched snaps that succeed in offering pause for thought. Daido Moriyama - How I Take Photographs 8 months ago I figure there might still be some Moriyama fans out there even though he switched to Nikon several years ago. This arrogant review is what's wrong with the internet in general.

perhaps it's just because the ground has been broken. Título: How I Take Photographs. A Brief Guide to Snapshot Photography.