Shark in the Park

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Nick Sharratt
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" />Timothy Pope has a brand new telescope and he's testing it out at the park. Children will delight in peeping through the die-cut holes and guessing what Tim has spotted. Is that really a shark he can see?

. Shark in the park is a story about a boy named Timothy Pope who is testing out his new toy a telescope in the park. He looks up, he looks down, he looks right and then left with his telescope and then he thinks he sees a shark….is it a shark? Or is it something else? This is an enjoyable story with allot of repetition and rhyme. He thinks he can spot a shark through it.

A walk in the park will never be the same again." " ""A hit! A brave and brilliant hit! Shark In The Park (Nick Sharratt). ⇨ Zobacz i zamów z dostawą już od 6,99 zł Promocje nawet do -50%, kliknij i sprawdź > Sponsored By: At the Rotary Arts Pavilion in Henry Law Park This year the Shark in the Park will be at the Cochecho Arts Festival for the 17th straight year! Spend Wednesday nights with 102.1 & 105.3 The Shark.