Yoga for Inflexible People

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Max Lowenstein,Liz Lowenstein
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" />Inspired by Max and Liz's phenomenal Instagram account @inflexibleyogis (with over one million followers), this book is for those who are struggling with a limited range of motion or intimidated by classes full of bendy people.Written specifically with the beginner in mind, Yoga for Inflexible People is an easy-to-follow book that includes:Yoga poses that range from beginner, intermediate to advanced.Illustrated and clearly annotated poses, described in depth.Progression through various postures with modifications by using blocks and straps.If you are ready to learn the basics of yoga in a fun way, this step-by-step guide will light the way for your transformation, revamping your mind, body and soul and helping you achieve amazing results.

I found that I didn't need most of the modifications (I may have tight hamstrings and touching my toes again was a strain at first, but I could do the camel pose ... This amazing and effective 3 Yoga DVD set delivers over 50 Yoga beginner routines and unparalleled expert instruction to help you become more flexible, gain strength and reduce stress.. Yoga Journal has declared Yoga for Inflexible People "One of the most intelligent and useful presentations served up in a long time,..for all beginning students whether they are inflexible or flexible - rated ... Yoga for Inflexible People.

From the perspective of a teacher this seems ironic, because we know that flexibility is a product of yoga, not a prerequisite for it. ... Yoga For Inflexible People The " Hidden Survival Muscle " in your Body Missed By Modern Physicians that Keep Millions of men and women DEFEATED By Pain .