Babel: Around the World in 20 Languages

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Gaston Dorren
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" />If you were to master the twenty languages discussed in Babel, you could talk with three quarters of the world's population. But what makes these languages stand out amid the world's estimated 6,500 tongues?Gaston Dorren delves deep into the linguistic oddities and extraordinary stories of these diverse lingua francas, tracing their origins and their sometimes bloody rise to greatness. He deciphers their bewildering array of scripts, presents the gems and gaps in their vocabularies and charts their coinages and loans.He even explains how their grammars order their speakers' worldview. Combining linguistics and cultural history, Babel takes us on an intriguing tour of the world, addressing such questions as how tiny Portugal spawned a major world language and Holland didn't, why Japanese women talk differently from men, what it means for Russian to be 'related' to English, and how non-alphabetic scripts, such as those of India and China, do the same job as our 26 letters. Not to mention the conundrums of why Vietnamese has four forms for 'I', or how Tamil pronouns keep humans and deities apart.Babel will change the way you look at the world and how we all speak.

If you were to master the twenty languages discussed in Babel, you ... Review: Babel: Around the World in 20 Languages by Gaston Dorren — let's all speak in tongues Hat xi! That's how Koreans sneeze, Laura Freeman learns in this book about the quirks of foreign ... If you spoke all of the 20 languages featured in Babel, you could talk with half the world, claims popular linguistics writer Gaston Dorren (Lingo: Around Europe in Sixty Languages).That said, the greatest polyglot in this book is a Cameroonian named Jonas who speaks eight. Dorren offers an intriguing tasting-menu of the major standardized languages, one chapter for each. Trying to write about every single language would be a fool's errand, of course, so in Babel, Dorren sets out to describe the 20 languages with the most speakers worldwide.

04 Jan 2019 . by Gaston Dorren • Profile Books • £14.99 (hardback) Of the six-and-a-half thousand languages still alive in the world today (give or take, and counting down quite rapidly), Limburgish linguist Gaston Dorren estimates that a working knowledge ... Buy Babel: Around the World in Twenty Languages Main by Dorren, Gaston (ISBN: 9781781256404) from Amazon's Book Store.