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for the world outside of the U.S. モーフ・ザ・キャット(Morph the Cat)は、2006年にリリースされたドナルド・フェイゲンのアルバム。音楽雑誌上での評価は様々なものであった。 音楽雑誌上での評価は様々なものであった。 But Morph the Cat is very much a solo affair, fitting comfortably next to his first two solo albums as a conclusion to what he calls a trilogy. If The Nightfly concerned the past and Kamakiriad was set in a hazy future, Morph the Cat is rooted in the present, teeming with the fears and insecurities of post-9/11 America. Ooh, Morph the Cat He's all the talk in shops and schoolyards Sultan Place, the automat Players playin' in da Bronx Respect to Morph the Cat Kind of like an arctic mindbath Cool and sweet and slightly rough Liquid light on New York City Christmas without the chintzy stuff So rich is his charisma You can almost hear it sing He skims the roofs Morph the Cat - ostatnia, trzecia w dorobku Donalda Fagena, solowa płyta wydana w 2006 roku.

Morph the Cat is the third studio album by American singer-songwriter Donald Fagen. Released on March 7, 2006 to generally positive reviews from critics, Morph the Cat was described by Fagen as his "death album" in an interview with Fred Kaplan of The New York Times. Informacje o Morph the cat - Donald Fagen - 7711952803 w archiwum Allegro.