The Spot Exchange

A Blockchain-Based, AI Powered Parking Reservation Marketplace

Spot Exchange Takes First Place in IBM Unchain The Frame Global Hackathon!

The Current Parking Reservation Ecosystem is Full of Inefficiencies

Billion $USD in emissions, fuel, and time wasted searching for spaces

Billion $USD in fees paid for parking time that goes unused


Abandoned trips due to problems in the process of finding spaces

Our Solution: TheSpot Exchange

Smart Parking Reservations

A fully-integrated and autonomous system for connecting buyers and sellers of physical parking spaces.

Blockchain with Hyperledger Fabric

An immutable, decentralized platform for creating, executing, and enforcing contracts between buyers and sellers.

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

A self-learning ecosystem for optimizing prices and making intelligent, data-driven parking decisions … all in real-time.

  • Phase I 100%
  • Phase II 100%
  • Phase III 100%

The Spot Exchange takes first place!

The Spot Exchange was just announced as first place overall in the IBM Unchain the Frame hackathon and has a growing wait list of customers waiting for access. Our team is currently working hard on extending our solution for our pending launch. Register now for priority access.